How Was This Ever Allowed on a TV Show?

In 2004 a 13 year old girl went on her own onto one of the biggest stages of any reality tv show at the time, The Maury Show.

She told Maury that at 12 she had been “in a relationship with an older boy” who had got her pregnant. I’ll say that again so it sinks in. She was just 12!!! And the boy was 16.

She had got pregnant and at that time the baby was just 8 weeks old… but she wasn’t sure who the father was as she had sex with another boy, just once, around the time of conception.

I’d like to state the importance of semantics here. This was a PRE-TEEN LITTLE GIRL WHO WAS RAPED BY TWO OLDER BOYS. I say RAPE as a child cannot consent to sex. The laws may be different when the boy is 15 but a 16 year old is…well… disturbing.

What shocked me more than all of that was that no one pulled them up on what they had been doing to her. Not one freaking person. Not even the host. Why???

How were these boys able to pretty much call her a slut because they said she slept with other boys. Like. Seriously. What the actual fuck.

Here’s her story. I cried. I saw a vulnerable little child used by older boys and treated appallingly by the show. I hope that after all these years have now passed she’s in a far better healthier place in her life and knows she deserved better…

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RIP Duante Wright, a 20 year old Man Murdered by the Police 💔🥺

A mistake is pouring salt instead of sugar. It’s not using a gun instead of a taser. That’s called murder.

I don’t want to hear all the bs of why didn’t he comply etc. Stop! A 20 year old man has been killed by a police officer. And that’s just not okay.

Police officer, Kim Potter, has been working as a cop for 26 years. She says she reached for her taser but by mistake reached for her gun and shot him. He died.

I have lost count of the number of black men who have been murdered by cops in the first 3 months of 2021 alone.

Police officers clearly need more training in several areas. If someone wants to reach for a yellow taser and instead reached for her black handgun, and kills the person they need to take accountability for their actions.

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My own Mother forgot about me 🥺😏

Trigger Warning ⚠️ losing contact with parents and siblings.

It’s been so long that my mother called me instead of calling her friend!! I can’t imagine phoning someone else instead of my own child…. just because we have the same first names!

Oh and yeah… thanks but no thanks for the invite. I’ve not seen “family” since 2015 so I’m assuming the Purim messages were sent to everyone and not to me in particular 😏🤷🏻‍♀️😳

Please, please, please do not tell me “It’s the thought that counts” or “isn’t it nice she’s invited you”? etc. No! Absolutely not.

If she genuinely cared about mending our relationship she would start off with an apology for the most disgusting names I was called. But as she said when I told her how much pain she caused me, her response was “I meant every word so I can’t apologise as I feel the same way. Nothing has changed.”

Sometimes unfortunately we have to think of our own mental health and start considering ourselves, and stop feeling guilty for things we didn’t do or for living our truth. If we don’t do that things can spiral out of control very quickly.

And sometimes someone does or says something that is so painful that we have to say I’ve done enough. I cannot keep being put through all of this anymore.

I don’t wish anyone any harm, and I wish things were different. But while I have no control over what others say and do, I can control whether I engage or remove toxic people from my life.

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This Man Says He Hates Single Mothers and Explains Why

I came across this guy on social media as I was researching what drives certain people to do horrific things to their own partners and kids.

His video was titled “why I hate single mothers”. I won’t be posting a link to it as I don’t want to give him the attention he clearly craves. Feel free to look him up on YouTube.

Anyone who “hates single mothers” already has me feeling defensive as I am one. What he starts saying is good and he’s right that what happened to the Clarke-Baxton family, mum Hannah Clarke and her 3 kids, is beyond evil.

He goes on to say he thinks that single mothers are vulnerable and are attracted to men who are good looking but not good men. Therefore by doing that, it will end up in death and all that because of jealousy, jealousy, jealousy.

How does someone say this sort of thing without understanding the pain it will cause the families of murdered mothers like Hannah Clarke, Shannan Watts, Paul Newman, and too many more…

Why should anyone be forced to stay in an abusive marriage or relationship if they fear for their lives all the time? Single mothers are only single mothers because the fathers have either left the relationship, got a divorce or separation, had an affair, been abusive etc.

Let’s stop blaming the victims of these evil murdering scum and focus on the real issue here.

Domestic abuse needs to be taken more seriously and laws need to change to accommodate this level of evil and killings. Perhaps having more shelters when relationships are coming to an end may be a good start.

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No One Will Ever Believe You..

“I’m gonna tell someone what you’re doing”
I said this as a child.
And again as an adult.
Too many times.

“No one is ever gonna believe you”
They know that this is the likelihood.
They were right.
I wasn’t believed.

I still get messages from people from my old life back in the cult saying that I am a terrible person for leaving him.
And it’s always the same thing.

“He is such a good man.
How could you do that to him?”.

They don’t know.
They weren’t there.
How can they judge me?

I’ll never stop speaking out, however difficult it is.

One day I will be believed.
One day they will stop and realise it wasn’t me.
I wasn’t hurting my spouse or terrifying my kids.
That wasn’t me.

They always tell you you won’t be believed.
This doesn’t bother me anymore.
I know whatever I write is the truth.

One day I’ll be believed.

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The Biggest Mistake I Made Was Getting Involved With A Narcissist…

I wrote this back in October 2017 but didn’t feel comfortable sharing it. Now is the time to do so – however difficult it is.

A very honest post which many of you will no doubt relate to.

I posted a while ago about a LDR I was involved in. I explained how he would call me repeatedly and expect answers as to why I didn’t pick up the phone. Saying “I was busy” never satisfied him.

Many of you replied saying run and red flag alert.

However I didn’t.

Stupid I know. But a part of me hoped he loved me enough to change and give me space.

I was wrong.

I have now found out there are things he lied to me about which I obviously wouldn’t find out as the LDR thing means he was able to hide basic things from me.

He knew I had suffered domestic abuse for 17 years and he promised he would never hurt me in any way.

I want to explain what happened over the past few months.

He expected me to stay on the phone to him for many many hours a day. The average time we would be on the phone would be around 8 hours a day or more. When I hung up he would then text me repeatedly how much he loved me and couldn’t live without me.

Stupidly I fell for his bullshit imagining this may be my happily ever after….

He said it was because he loved me so much and couldn’t live without me.

He wanted to “fall asleep with me” every night. That meant I had to be on the phone while we both fell asleep and in the mornings wake up to each others voice.

And then there was the insisting on phone sex. Often he tried to do it on video but I wouldn’t entertain that. Again this was because he loved me so much and if he couldn’t physically be intimate with me this was second best.

Yet again I fell for it.

He kept saying I love you. Over and over again. Maybe he was insecure. But although I was flattered at first it began to become a pressure.

As time went by things began to get too much for me. I had a check in with him the whole time, telling him where I was going and how long I would be.

He wanted to know everything about me. All my finances. My weight! Personal information etc. The list goes on.

Like I said at first I was flattered. Then I felt strangled. I wanted my space. I told him that and he sulked but tried to make changes. It was hard for him.

Then things started going wrong. He began to get frustrated at me for very small things. He didn’t like the way I spoke to him. Said I was too blunt. Said I was critical and never validated his feelings.

I knew I was not happy but he kept sucking me back in with his nice side. I kept going back. He made me cry so much every time he told me how I made him feel.

I tried to change. Be softer and nicer but things didn’t improve.

When we were physically together he wanted sex constantly. Definitely every night. “I have a high libido”.

“Sex is a 2 way street. We must both want it and then it will happen on its own. There shouldn’t be rules” I tried explaining to him.

“Okay if you’re not interested in sex and I am what can you do for me? Hand job? Blow job?”

Shocked. “I’m not a whore. If there’s love between us intimacy will happen organically” I said annoyed.

Things came to a head recently. He didn’t like something I said so totally blanked me for 2 days. No eye contact. No talking. Turned his back on me in bed. Walked 100 feet ahead of me in the street.

It was all too much.
I’d had enough.

I suddenly saw with clarity what he was like and at one point when we got to the airport I left him there and went home.

That was a few days ago. It’s been bloody painful. He’s blocked me on Facebook after I blocked him on watsapp. And that’s been the best thing.

Right now I’m trying to find myself again and get back to being me… without having to check in with anyone.

So thank you for all the advice you gave me back then and I fucking regret not listening. But now I’m done and am moving on.

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