Thomas Markle Is At It Again

Thomas Markle on Prince Harry: ‘Maybe he was dropped on his head as a baby. Everything that comes out of his mouth is stupid.’

Just can’t understand why they don’t want anything to do with this guy 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

This “loving father/grandfather” who wants to see his grandchildren will never see her or those children. He seems desperate and is resorting to really unkind sentiments.

In case it wasn’t already over, the possibility of them ever meeting up will never happen. Someone please take his internet away. It’s embarrassing to hear how he speaks about his son in law.

I understand he’s angry but this won’t help. Not now. Not ever.

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Fundamentalist Baptist preacher Jonathan Shelley Is Openly Antisemitic! He Has No Shame 😳🤷🏻‍♀️

Trigger Warning ⚠️ Antisemitic Rant by a Preacher

Here’s New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preacher Jonathan Shelley just going on a wildly anti-Semitic rant in church yesterday.

The assumptions are ridiculous and he’s so full of anger it’s wild. Does he know that other races are doctors and lawyers?

Study and learning are valued by many people, including Jewish people. Does he hate all Doctors and Lawyers or is it just the Jewish ones??

If there was a god and they healed people there would be no Doctors. We wouldn’t need them!

However disturbing it is to hear someone so blatantly hating the Jewish Community, it’s also good that it’s been recorded and put online so people know what this man is about

A genuine Christian wouldn’t hate other people just for existing and being themselves. He is a disgrace and shouldn’t be associated with genuine Christians who are about love and compassion and respecting others. Not about hate.

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Faye should not be in Love Island. She should be in therapy.

We literally watched an entire hour of a woman abusing a man. Very triggering to many people.

If Teddy was a white woman in the diary room in this kind of state because a black guy verbally abused her there would be outrage.

Where is the same outrage towards the way Faye is treating Teddy? Or because she is a white woman it’s okay?

Remember the Big Brother days when someone who acted like Faye would be called to the Diary Room and given a warning and then booted out? Why can’t this happen in Love Island too?

You cannot have a #BeKind campaign and then allow a man to get treated like Teddy was tonight. Or does that hashtag only refer to white people?

Faye is abusing Teddy and for her to go on about the men who treated her badly in the past and then to do the exact same thing…. I have no idea why she’s still there. She needs to be removed.

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“If You Are A Racist English Fan, We Don’t Want You“

These posts are so powerful. The way Marcus Rashford describes how he feels is moving to say the least. The letters from young boys who look up to him as the hero he is, ie so touching. Why is my screen blurred??

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