Ultra-Orthodox MK: Women who convert to Judaism through IDF are ‘shiksas’

An ultra-Orthodox lawmaker said women who convert to Judaism through the Israel Defense Forces’ conversion program are considered shiksas, using a pejorative term for non-Jewish women.


Opposition leader Yair Lapid called the statement “ignorant and sad.”

“These wonderful young women that you call shiksas are saving your life,” he tweeted.

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Outrageous Comments Made by a Knesset Member About Killing People in “Mixed Marriages”

An Israeli Knesset member has called for the killing of couples involved in mixed marriages during a speech in parliament.

Yitzhak Pindrus is a member of the United Torah Judaism, an ultra-Orthodox party that believes in a homogenous Jewish state and society.

He called for the murder of “people who contribute to miscegenation”, invoking a Biblical story about the murder of a Jewish man and non-Jewish woman while they were making love by lancing a spear through their engaged sexual organs.

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Worshipers at synagogue threatened by men screaming anti-Semitic slurs

“No one was injured, and no weapons were displayed, according to the witnesses, but community members were terrified.

“There were kids all over, it was traumatizing,” an unnamed witness said.”

Do you hear the irony? No one was injured and there were no weapons. Kids terrified and traumatised. Remind you of anything at all?

Read the end of the article where it states how many Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Army in the last couple of weeks or so. 60 babies and children were killed.

I asked a friend how he can still justify people who have done this. His answer was “they were in the wrong place at the wrong time”. It seems being in bed asleep in your own home counts as wrong place wrong time.

The Israeli Government confirmed the bomb had missed the target and hit that building killing dozens of innocent people. And you’re still defending this?

You know what real trauma is? A little girl pulled out of the rubble of a building bombed by the Israelis in which her mother and all her siblings were killed. The only other survivor was her father. She hasn’t said a word since being pulled out of the rubble of the bombed building. Her eyes are wide open and terrified. But not a sound comes out.

Of course it’s not acceptable to harass anyone or to yell antisemitic remarks. But please can we put things into perspective here. Having a car damaged and getting the police to take fingerprints of it to arrest the person who did it. I mean, seriously??

I still cannot get my head round the countless people who I know have a kind heart and so much compassion and yet when it comes to the subject of the Palestinians all this goes away. Someone make it make sense!

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No I Am Not Antisemitic For Speaking Out Against The Israeli Government

Being critical of the Israeli Government does not make me antisemitic.

I’ll say it again for those at the back or those who continue to harass me and say the most ignorant and hurtful things.

Calling out the Israeli Government and the IDF for what they’re doing does not make me antisemitic.

To clarify,

  • No I am not a Nazi or someone who wants Jews to be eradicated.
  • I have never called for the world to be “judenrein”.
  • I have never championed for all Jews to be murdered.
  • I have never called for “ethnic cleansing”.
  • I have never stated that I want all Jews to be slaughtered and not to have access to “holy places” in Israel.
  • I can’t stand by silently when someone cannot differentiate between the two.

These are just a few things I’ve been accused of this past 48 hours. The list goes on.

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“Free Palestine” London Protest 11 May 2021

Protests today in London’s Downing Street for the plight of the Palestinians. The atmosphere was one of united strength, a desire for change and passionate discussions and speeches.

No one was hurt and the police handled it all pretty well. There were a couple of times they shouted at the protestors not to be too close to them, and obviously they immediately moved.

And just to clarify, I can criticise the Israeli Government and what they are doing without being labelled an antisemite and a Nazi. I have not said anything about Jews. This isn’t about the Jewish Community. It’s about the radical right wing Zionists. It’s a very different thing. You can look at my last few posts and see that I have a balanced perspective.

Regardless of your opinion and where you stand on this issue I would ask you to stop sending me dm’s with hate, threats, voice notes, and your thoughts on why I’m wrong. You’re entitled to your own opinion, just as I am. I will continue ignoring them all and blocking those that overstep the mark.

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Teacher Fears For His Life After Showing Cartoon of Prophet Muhammad

“A TEACHER accused of showing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in lessons fears he is going to be killed, it is claimed.

The 29-year-old religious studies teacher is understood to be an “emotional wreck” following his dismissal at Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire, for allegedly using the caricatures. Yorkshire Live reports pupils there have been left “wordless and distraught”.

Speaking today, the teacher’s father said: “He is worried that he and his family are all going to be killed. He knows that he’s not going to be able to return to work or live in Batley.”

This is deeply disturbing. We know how this could end and it is deeply concerning.

Click on the link below to learn more about this.

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Speak For Those Who are Forever Silenced….

If you have a voice use it for those who are the voiceless in society. The ones who are scared and trapped…. terrified that if they leave their abuser they won’t be able to survive.

Show them there’s a way out. Show the men and women that there are people out there who are able to help them leave safely.

Remember that when your friend, colleague, neighbour or sibling suddenly changes and isolates themselves it may be because this is what their abuser has done to them.

One of the biggest red flags is isolating the person from their family and friends so they can have control over them without anyone knowing. And anyone who says “you don’t need anyone else but me because I love you so much” is a narcissist.

Someone who genuinely loves you will br happy to see you being the real you. They won’t try to change you and mould you to be someone they want you to be…

Sometimes it takes decades to find the one who loves you for you. And you have to endure a lot of shitty relationships to get there. But when you do, believe me it’s worth it.

Whatever happens I will always be proud to say I spoke up about my own domestic abuse. I took control of myself and my life and said no more am I going to keep silent. No longer will I be ashamed of what happened to me for I was not the one in the wrong.

I will continue to spend my time helping people leave toxic relationships or to get help. I will do whatever I can to educate people about the affects domestic abuse has on the victim/survivor.

Remember this…. domestic abuse isn’t about having a black eye or broken bones. It can be sexual, emotional and financial abuse as well as coercive control. These kinds of abuse aren’t visible. They’re harder to spot. But they damage you just the same.

Sending love to anyone who has been there or is going through this now…. know you are not alone. And when you’re ready please reach out and get the help you need to live the life you so richly deserve 💕

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RIP Sarah Everard. All women can be a Sarah…


I cannot stress enough how important it is to read this before pressing play. I have held back this recording since it happened in January 2017 because I wasn’t ready to share it and wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do.

I have written previously about a time when I was walking to my car in the evening after spending time with friends at a karaoke bar.

Sarah Everard did the same thing. She met a friend and then walked home. Only she never arrived home.

We don’t know many of the details yet but we do know that an off duty serving police officer was arrested for alleged kidnap and murder. Another woman in her 30’s was arrested too for being an accomplice.

Sarah did what we all do. She spent time with loved ones and walked home. Should have been simple. Nothing should have happened to her on the streets of London. She should have felt safe. We should all feel safe.

However sometimes as women we are followed, stalked, kidnapped, sexually assaulted, physically attacked and sadly murdered too.

I am not saying men don’t get attacked. But how many men can honestly say they feel scared of walking around on their own?

Here I was simply walking to my car which was around a 2 minute walk from where I left my friends. After all, I should have been safe walking on my own from a bar to my car. But I wasn’t.

I was initially sexually assaulted by a man who had followed me into the basement where the bathrooms were. This was why I decided to leave instantly. There was no one to complain to so I thought I’d handle it the next day.

As I was walking to the corner of the road where my car was parked I had a feeling I was being followed. I don’t know how I thought of it but I took my phone out and pressed voice record and then put it back in my pocket. I did it because I was concerned about what could possibly happen and I needed proof. I also didn’t want him to take my phone if he saw me filming.

This recording, while extremely confronting to listen to, is what ultimately saved me. The bar also had CCTV so that proved what I said did happen as it was very clear on the security cameras. I don’t think I need to elaborate as to what exactly happened because it’s clear from what both he and I are saying.

The voice recording and CCTV meant that I was able to take this all the way through the justice system. Having to take the stand and face my abuser was the toughest but an empowering thing to do too. Eventually he was found guilty on all 3 charges.

  1. Indecent exposure
  2. Sexual assault
  3. Assault in basement of bar.

He was given a 21/2 year sentence but was let out on parole. If he does anything he’s back in jail. He will also have to be on the sex offenders register for a minimum of 7 years. He was also fired from his job.

Why am I sharing this? Why now?

Because I want all the men who are saying that Sarah shouldn’t have been walking home alone at 9pm to know how it feels to hear a sexual assault. I was “lucky” that I was able to get away from him after he tried forcing his way into my car.

Should I have stayed home and not gone out with my friends? Did I have to go through this experience because I was a woman out alone at that point? Was I at fault? Of course not.

Sarah Everard did what we all do. Women shouldn’t be slagged off simply for walking home. We are entitled to have the choice of walking home without fear of a predator attacking or worse still murdering us.

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