FGM Needs To Be Stopped 🤬

Reading this made my heart stop for a few moments. How can anyone do this to another human? To physically force your wife in front of 30 people to have her genitals cut is barbaric. Inhumane. People doing this should be jailed. Period.

Just IN: Forced By HUSBAND🤦🏽‍♀️

Kenya: A 30-year-old woman (mother of three) from Murang’a County is nursing serious injuries after she was forced to undergo #FGM by her husband.

She disclosed that she underwent the ordeal on May 9, and that her husband was accompanied by over 30 members of his cult.

They first performed a ritual by slaughtering a goat before subjecting her to the cut.

“One member of the cult, strangled me as others undressed me and started cutting my genital organ with a knife…” She cried.

He also vowed to mutilate their two daughters…

My heart aches to read this. How barbaric can this man and his cult be to force his wife to have FGM done to her?? It makes me so angry that I feel hopeless. I wish there was something I could do to change this…

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FGM – Female Genital Mutilation Must Be Banned Once And For All In All States

This makes a nonsense of the claim that FGM is done to protect the virginity of the girl / Woman.

This women was butchered after her 3rd child and it can only have been done on the orders of her husband or relatives and as such is an actual assault on her person.

It always saddens me to witness women being part of an unacceptable and very painful cultural practices that mostly serve evil misogynistic ideas. It’s so difficult to understand 💔

Reading this sent chills down me…. this is the reality of what too many women and girls are put through… 🥺💔

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Teacher Fears For His Life After Showing Cartoon of Prophet Muhammad

“A TEACHER accused of showing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in lessons fears he is going to be killed, it is claimed.

The 29-year-old religious studies teacher is understood to be an “emotional wreck” following his dismissal at Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire, for allegedly using the caricatures. Yorkshire Live reports pupils there have been left “wordless and distraught”.

Speaking today, the teacher’s father said: “He is worried that he and his family are all going to be killed. He knows that he’s not going to be able to return to work or live in Batley.”

This is deeply disturbing. We know how this could end and it is deeply concerning.

Click on the link below to learn more about this.

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Breast Ironing Is Abuse. Period.

Trigger Warning – Girls abused because men can’t control themselves or be taught to respect girls.

“Did you know about this?
Woman health worker reports:
The United Nations (UN) says that Breast Ironing affects 3.8 million women globally.
People use large stones, hammer or spatulas that have been heated over scorching coals to compress the breast tissue of girls as young as 9 years old, not to be attractive to men.”

This practice is absolutely despicable. No one should put their life at risk for the satisfaction of others especially when the end result could be harmful.

This sickens me. Focus on the perpetrators not the victims.

I read about this a while ago, and am ashamed to say I’d forgotten about it. Reading about this has made me emotional. As a mother of a daughter I cannot imagine doing this to your child.

Why can’t they teach the children sex education and educate the boys and men to respect girls, instead of this barbaric practice? This is one of the worst things to witness, which I did when I researched it a while ago.

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