Faye should not be in Love Island. She should be in therapy.

We literally watched an entire hour of a woman abusing a man. Very triggering to many people.

If Teddy was a white woman in the diary room in this kind of state because a black guy verbally abused her there would be outrage.

Where is the same outrage towards the way Faye is treating Teddy? Or because she is a white woman it’s okay?

Remember the Big Brother days when someone who acted like Faye would be called to the Diary Room and given a warning and then booted out? Why can’t this happen in Love Island too?

You cannot have a #BeKind campaign and then allow a man to get treated like Teddy was tonight. Or does that hashtag only refer to white people?

Faye is abusing Teddy and for her to go on about the men who treated her badly in the past and then to do the exact same thing…. I have no idea why she’s still there. She needs to be removed.

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