“Welcome to Plathville” on TLC – What Living An Isolated Strict Religious Life May Be Like

For many people, watching this TV show has been fascinating for many reasons. Others have questioned what it may be like to live that kind of life.

I responded to a video on YouTube where the host asked for people who have any kind of insight to comment below. This is what I wrote.

“I’ve been watching these Plathville episodes with a heavy heart and too many times through my own tears. I was born into a religious cult.

Birth control was not allowed so my parents had 10 kids all born in quick succession. I was second oldest and my older sister and I became mini mothers to our younger siblings.

I resented it then as I missed out on so much because I was always doing cooking,cleaning, laundry, caring for a newborn baby, going shopping, etc etc.

I was not allowed any access to tv, computers, libraries, newspapers, radio, “secular music”, magazines. Indeed anything that would open my mind up to “the outside world”.

I had to cover up and dress “modestly” which meant I was covered from my neck downwards minus my hands. Often extreme abuse goes on and I was definitely subjected to physical violence by my “mother” and child sexual abuse by another family member.

This is just to give you a quick glimpse into that kind of world. I would add that obviously this is my own personal experience and not everyone I knew had the same kind of home life.

I managed to escape 6 years ago, in 2015. I lost absolutely everyone in the process. I have 9 siblings and countless nieces and nephews who I haven’t seen since then. I don’t even know what they look like anymore.

My own “family” kidnapped my daughter in order to “save her soul” and made up horrific allegations about me in order to keep her. I had to battle hard in court to overturn that ruling by the judge. That almost made me want to give up on life but I had two older kids who needed me.

I did what Moriah and Micah did for my own sanity

and to give my kids a chance at doing well in life, except that I was mid 30’s and had been in an arranged marriage, and suffered domestic abuse for 17 years. I also had 3 kids at that point.

I was so emotional and proud that these Plath siblings had the strength to leave before they too would have been trapped for decades.

There’s so much dysfunction in their home and it’s incredibly triggering to watch. The way the parents always put on a show to the cameras that they’re perfect parents wanting simply to love their kids is ridiculous.

The fact that we know they can’t have been the best parents because why then would 3 of your own kids cut off contact and one move far away?

They cannot see the pain and conflict they’re putting their kids through by not allowing them to socialise normally with other people and even their own siblings. It’s only going to make them crave that world more.

They also cannot understand how them keeping their kids uneducated, is a form of control. This is so that if they’re able to leave they will not fit into society and do well. They will need to start again and begin proper education.

They failed their kids on almost every level and it infuriates me watching them do this as this is what my parents, and so many others I know, did to us. It wasn’t done in a malicious way. They just felt this was the right way to bring their kids up.

Even through I’ve been out for 6 years I will never be able to get a normal job because of my lack of education and knowledge of the normal world. I also have imposter syndrome where I constantly feel like I don’t belong…. but I don’t belong in my past life either.

I hope they do better because they’ve left at as teenagers so there is hope, although it’s still never going to be easy to explain to people what kind of upbringing you had.

I’m very vocal about my past life as it’s such a secret world that even the authorities have no idea what is going on.

Every time the parents smile and put an act on camera I cringe. However I am so pleased this show has shone a light onto extreme religions, cults and closed communities, because not enough of that kind of family life is ever shown.”

I have posted a couple of really lovely responses which touched me so much….

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Was She In a Cult??? What Do You Think?

I was watching a show today called Ghosted on MTV and then this happened! It’s aim is to bring two people together to find out why they ghosted the other person.

In this episode I wasn’t quite ready for this. Hearing Bri talk there’s no doubt in my mind that she is in a Cult.

Update: they both ended up talking after the show and Tini was able to understand what was going on and managed to leave. They’ve rekindled their friendship.

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Click on the link below to see the video I am referring to as it’s not letting me upload it on here.


Kevin Samuels: “Happiness? I don’t care about happiness. Marriage is about DUTY” 😳


He then asks if she’s a Christian and when she says she is, he responds “not a good one”. Damn. It’s this kind of attitude that really infuriates me.

If his advice to women is that getting married is not about anything other than to procreate and to do your duty and be submissive to your man and be a good Christian in the eyes of God.

I’m glad to see her reaction was one of shock and she was taken aback at the idea of marrying someone for another reason other than love and wanting to be with them forever.

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