Amber Heard at the #MeToo Protest. You don’t Speak For Survivors of Domestic Abuse 🥺


You don’t speak for me.
You don’t speak for victims.
You are not a survivor of domestic abuse.
You have the nerve to stand and talk to survivors as if you are one of us when you’re a perpetrator.
Stand down.
Walk away.

You don’t deserve this platform.
Shame on the people who invited her to speak at a #MeToo rally when she was the abuser.
Those who say it’s a step back for women I say no! This is a step forward for survivors and the world finally seeing that men can also be victims of abuse.

It makes me livid seeing her talk about her fake abuse.
It enrages me to think that the women protesting and cheering were actually watching a perpetrator of abuse switch the story around.

And just like her, I won’t be mentioning her name. We all know who I’m referring to. But if I don’t say her name it could be anyone. No?!?

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5 thoughts on “Amber Heard at the #MeToo Protest. You don’t Speak For Survivors of Domestic Abuse 🥺

  1. As a domestic abuse survivor myself, I agree with this post 100%.
    I was abused mentally and financially, I fell victim to this twice, yeah I didn’t learn my lesson the 1st time, and now left in over £20,000.
    I’ve sorted out my debt, but still paying it off over the next 5 years.
    Also being a MAN, I’m brave enough (like Johnny Depp) to stand up and say so.
    I am a victim of domestic abuse, I was ashamed at 1st, but not I’m proud to have been strong enough to get through, strong enough to escape, and strong enough to sort out my life, I’m also strong enough to keep going.
    Not many (WOMEN or MEN) survive, but I hope many many more will stand up and do what’s right.

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        1. 💯 My own brother was married to a violent woman who showed her true colours not even a week into the marriage… I was horrified and so sad and encouraged him to go to the police. He went and they laughed at him as he’s a big fit guy and they thought that was funny… 😔 He was so humiliated and uncomfortable that he simply left and went home. When she found out… guess what she did?? Yup! She got HIM arrested! She made a false report and they cuffed him and threw him into the cells. They didn’t laugh at HER. They believed HER even though she was the perpetrator and not the victim.


        2. Oh man that’s crap, that’s why I never went to the police. I never told anyone, I only ever told people once I was out and felt like I had to explain why I left, but it took me a long time to become my own person even after leaving, even now I struggle and apologise too much. My 1st abusive ex even had a knife to my chest at one point because she said I was cheating (even though I wasn’t) and scratched my face and physically hit me many times and gave me “pocket money”, she had my bank card and stuff.
          My 2nd abusive ex also had my bank card and I had to ask for permission to get anything. Neither would let me go out, not even to family birthday drinks or anything.
          I got lucky to grow strong enough at the times, but now I’m strong enough to never let it happen again.

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