FGM – Female Genital Mutilation Must Be Banned Once And For All In All States

This makes a nonsense of the claim that FGM is done to protect the virginity of the girl / Woman.

This women was butchered after her 3rd child and it can only have been done on the orders of her husband or relatives and as such is an actual assault on her person.

It always saddens me to witness women being part of an unacceptable and very painful cultural practices that mostly serve evil misogynistic ideas. It’s so difficult to understand 💔

Reading this sent chills down me…. this is the reality of what too many women and girls are put through… 🥺💔

#FGM #femalegenitalmutilation #women #girls #abuse #misogyny #EndFGM #NoFGM #female #stopFGM #culture #religion #faith #abuse

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