Unorthodox – Hasidic Matchmaker Admits They Want Girls Young and Innocent

Oh well, ladies and gentlemen. Here we have evidence that they do forced marriage and not arranged marriage. An admission from their own Matchmaker.

In this week’s Hamodia newspaper they have a well known matchmaker who explains the process of “arranged marriage”.

I’m so glad she’s done this as she’s confirming what me and others have been saying. That it’s not arranged. It’s forced.

The wording is nauseating. And the way she describes how young girls are trapped before they’re old enough to know what they’re getting into is awful.

The commodification of the young girl is difficult to read. The way they want an innocent girl and a compliant bride is barbaric.

“It is better when a girl marries when young enough to be distracted by the material trappings that come along with an engagement rather than be overly focused on the boy”.

The boy?? You mean her future husband?? And you don’t want her to be focused on him and what married life might look like with this boy??

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