Don’t reject your siblings because s/he isn’t religious….

A dear friend of mine went to a family engagement. His cousin got engaged and he wanted to celebrate the occasion with his nearest and dearest.

His family are ultra orthodox Satmer hasidim whereas he is not observant at all.  

However as he has an young child he doesn’t make it obvious that he isn’t religious.  It is obviously very apparent by his way of dress that he is ‘not like his family’ although to what extent they don’t know.

So he went to the Simcha dressed smart in a crisp blue shirt and grey suit. Shoes polished and shined too. He always dresses super sharp but this time he made the extra effort. 

As soon as he walked into the hall he felt so uncomfortable it was painful.

No one talked to him.

No one even looked his way.

The father of the girl actually turned his head away when he wanted to shake his hand to wish him Mazel tov….

He only ended up staying 10 mins and couldn’t bear the pain so left.

He called me the next morning to tell me what happened and how hurt he is. 

This guy is an amazing person…. a fantastic father and an all round thoroughly decent human being.

And yet because he wasn’t wearing the typical “hat and rekel” his family wear he was made to feel like an outcast and totally rejected…. so much so that he won’t go the wedding now as its too painful…

This is so heartbreaking. Why should anyone be made to feel like this?? 

Why do religious people reject their own flesh and blood for making different choices…. 

Please… please… consider what you are doing before rejecting and alienating your own flesh and blood…..


Is it worth it?

What are you gaining by turning your back on your brother?

Why are you ignoring your sister when she sees you in the street?

It is so painful to be treated like this and I just wish families thought about the pain they are inflicting on those they are supposed to love….


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