Typical scene at my dentist!!

Here’s something lighthearted!!

Typical scene right now at my religious dentist.

Here goes:

* Lady 1 reading the  Binah.

* Lady 2 on her phone to her “goyta”!

* Lady 3 mumbling tehillim.

* Lady 4 scrolling through her sms on her kosher phone!

* Girl 1 reading the latest People Speak while peeping over at me

* Girl 2 next to me trying to peer over at my phone in obvious curiosity and seeing if she can read what I’m writing without me noticing.  Sorry hun I can sense you.  Good. Thanks for stopping. She’s moved places.

* Man 1 saying tehillim far too loud

* Man 2 on the phone to his wife

* Man 3 glancing through a chumash 

* Man 4 smiling while reading an old “Der Yid” newspaper lying around

* Man 5 biting his nails while listening to a talk on his mp3 

* Boy 1 reading a Rebbi magazine intensely 

* Boy 2 annoying his little sister who is trying to watch the cars outside the window 

And then there’s me! Minding my own business typing this while listening to Shape of You far too loud!!  Just realised it’s the Omer. Ooops!!


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