Look at Lilli- She Looks Jewish. OMG. Really??

So last night I was at a club in central London with a couple of friends.  

I met up with a guy there I’ve known on and off for a few months.

Adam is a real gentleman, eloquent and simply charming. Oh and he’s super handsome too which is a bonus!!

He has an interesting and unusual look so we had discussed previously his heritage and mine. 

He is half French and half Moroccan and I’m half British and half Lebanese which I guess gives me my very white complexion!!!

So we were chatting and noticed a lady near us suddenly snogging a friend of ours randomly which we found pretty funny!!

They had just been chatting and the next moment they were snogging and shit! It was intense albeit slightly uncomfortable for us to watch!!

As we stood there in obvious shock Adam says to me “oh that’s Lilli she’s Jewish”. 

I asked how he knew and he said look at her she looks jewish!! “She’s not a very good Jew because what she’s doing is a big no no in their religion”!!

I suddenly thought of the number of Jewish people I’ve ever met and wondered how such a sentence can be uttered.

What do “all jews look like”???? Is it the typical long nose big eyes hunched demeanour big hair look???? The glasses and geeky look???? What did he mean?? I asked, but he couldn’t clarify.  Said she just looks it.

Then he said to me “I don’t know much about Jews and Lilli is the only Jew I’ve ever met” !!!

I stopped. 

I thought he knew I was from a Jewish background as my name is Esther and I’m either black or Jewish!!!!  

Clearly not.

So I had that moment.

Do I say anything or not??

I decided not to simply because I felt it was irrelevant and as I don’t identify with the faith it was unnecessary. 

But I was thinking how odd it was to have this conversation about Jews assuming he wasn’t talking to one!!!

We are meeting again on Friday night and I’m thinking I’m gonna bring it up with him and see his reaction!!!


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