​OTD Custody Battles Update

So my custody battle has finally been closed!! I have a court order saying I’m her mum and I have custody of her (sickening this has to even be said).

She is legally with me every day now besides for Shabbat and Jewish holidays. 

The judge tried to be fair. But she was undoubtedly biased against me as she spent so much of her time talking to my sister who was there on the opposing side.

My lawyer was shocked how callous and vile she was to and about me and that made him up his game massively.

Ironically, in conclusion the judge said “relationships have clearly broken down which is unfortunate and now that it’s come to an end perhaps bridges will be built and all animosity can be put behind you all”.

What the fuck.

Kidnap my kid. 

For months.

Send me to the depths of depression and contemplating suicide cos of my pain and tell me to forgive and move on?!?!?!? Really?????

My lawyer turned around and asked me if that was a possibility to which I responded “no chance. Ever. What they did to me was unforgivable. End of”.

The judge asked me if I had anything to add before concluding and I took the opportunity to say the following….

“If this whole situation was simply about the fact that my ex husband and siblings didn’t agree my daughter was going to a state school rather than a Jewish school then that’s one thing.

However the manner in which it was done was wholly unacceptable and the most painful thing any parent should ever have to deal with.

Kidnapping my own daughter off me and not allowing me to contact her for several months… Disgusting….

But more than all this… 

The allegations levelled against me were so unbelievably shocking….. The allegations of drink and drug addictions and abuse and neglect etc etc… That was low. And everyone making those allegations knew that they were false. 

And that…. Your Honour…. Is why I will never forgive these people for what they have done to me and my sons”.


No one could say much.

So it’s over.

The pain will lessen with time and the closeness Miri and I had is slowly repairing….

The world has to wake up to what is going on with parents who have left whatever faith they had and have chosen another path.

We are not abusive neglectful people….

We have just chosen another way.

We have morals and ethics that come from experience and respecting humanity. Whoever they may be.

Thank you for the love and support you all gave me when I was on the verge of giving up…


9 thoughts on “​OTD Custody Battles Update

  1. Is there any way to automatically block anonymous posts? If so, do it, so the coward has to come out from under the bed.
    Otherwise we can only assume it’s the jealous, lying, ex who wants to use his children as pawns against their mother who dealt him a narcissistic injury.

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  2. Someone who does nothing for a living, nothing in the house or for their kids; who ruins the lives of her entire family; has her kids taken first by a court and then again when they themselves arrange it, and still spends her “life” online moaning about imaginary abuse from years gone by is worthless. Sitting on the internet being butt hurt is not a life, geddit!? Specially when the whole victimhood thing is fiction.


    1. Are you insane? Maybe not, maybe yes who knows. You took the cop out, easiest thing to do and you are posting anonymously because if you will show your face, it may look really ugly. Got it, so anonymous, well please spare us all and remain anonymous. Anonymous posts are easier to ignore, and carry absolutely zero credibility.

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  3. I am so happy that your daughter will have you and her father too (assuming he is a reasonable good father) children are mentally healthier having both parents. you are so lucky the judge understands this simple conception.
    I am so sorry you went through hell, with false allegations trying to paint you as a monster. This is so low 😦

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